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Changes to the Committee

At the AGM there were some significant changes to the membership of the Committee. After a vote of the membership the Committee is now made up of Paul Grice (Chairman), Dennis Pennington (Secretary), Mike Carey (Membership Secretary), Richard Long (Treasurer), Lee Berry ( Webmaster) with Martin Hebden, Stephen Greenwood and Adrian Brotherton.

I am sure you would all want me to thank out going committee members Phillip Kent, Ralph Darnbrough, David Hardaker and Mike & Mavis Walker for their hard work over the years.

Honorary President

In recognition of his dedication to the role of Committee Chairman for many years the membership voted to elect Phillip Kent as the inaugural Honorary President.


There were a number of proposals which were voted on during the meeting and these will be included in the Constitution and Flying Rules documents in due course. The only proposal to be defeated was the one to have a trial of 2 stroke engined planes.


Christmas Dinner

At the September meeting we discussed the Christmas Dinner and decided that we would not have one this year but rather we would have an Annual Dinner which would take place in January 2020


Any comments or questions should e-mailed to webmaster@brighousemac.co.uk